Everyone deserves postpartum care and support 

We're closing gaps in postpartum care

Whether you are welcoming your first, have experienced a loss, or have done this before, our organization works to ensure you and your loved ones have the care and support you need in the postpartum months. 

We work to integrate community-based doula care into existing health networks, while keeping your family's needs and wellbeing at the center of everything we do.  

Community After Birth is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support, education & advocacy for the expansion of postpartum care. 

We achieve this through providing support services, educational programs, groups and community circles, and grassroots advocacy.

New! The Postpartum Pack

Join us online for a free virtual support circle: 

This group is a good fit for expecting parents or those who have been pregnant or given birth in the last year. It's a relaxed environment where you can share freely about your joys and struggles. Babes in arms always welcome! 

Once you fill out the short form you will receive an email with the Google Meet link. 

What are the benefits of postpartum doula care?

Postpartum Doulas have been shown to: